The Craftsman

David Schonberger

Owner and head craftsman at Ottercreek Woodworks Inc.

"Wood is beautiful all on its own. It's my job to expose that beauty."

Ottercreek Woodworks Inc. is founded by wood craftsman Dave Schonberger.  Born and raised with a hard work ethic and love for wood and trees, it was only natural that Dave would pursue carpentry as a profession. As a licensed carpenter, Dave grew tired of the everyday hustle and bustle of the job site. So, accompanied with his natural talent in working with his hands and a healthy supply of unique wood, Dave set out share the natural beauty of wood with all he meets. Using only local hardwoods, the Ottercreek Woodworks woodshop is a busy place full of vision, creation and of course sawdust. Each piece of wood that passes through the shop is carefully selected for grains, knots, and other character features. Dave now has his wood crafts all over the world!