Our Story

Meet the Craftsman

Architect of “From Tree to Table: A Build-Your-Own Board Experience”

David Schonberger

The Ottercreek Woodworks woodshop is a busy place full of vision, creation and of course sawdust. Using only local hardwoods as a canvas, each piece of wood that passes through the shop is carefully selected for grains, knots, and other character features.

Ottercreek Woodworks Inc. is founded by artisanal woodworker David Schonberger in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Specializing in hardwoods found in Norfolk and Oxford County’s vast Carolinian forests David is recognized for his artistic interpretation of the culinary wooden serving board. His work can be found throughout Canada and around the world.

Born and raised with a hard work ethic and love for wood and trees, it was only natural that David would pursue carpentry as a profession. After a decade in the trade as a licensed carpenter, David grew restless with the everyday hustle and bustle of the job site.

So, accompanied with his natural talent for working with his hands and a healthy supply of unique wood, he set out share the natural beauty of wood and the wonder of trees with all he meets. He is an advocate for the forest, the environment, and the importance of cultural heritage and tradition.

With a passion to create and a mind to inspire, David developed “From Tree to Table: A Build-Your-Own Board Experience” (awarded 2019 Ontario Culinary Experience of the Year & 2018 Ontario’s Southwest Innovative Experience of the Year). David invites guests to be a part of his artisanal journey and participate in his craft, while they discover the magnificence of the Carolinian forest and taste the bounty of his county.

Through the art of storytelling, David is creating meaningful relationships and reaching diverse audiences in his 2000 sq ft studio designed to host, inspire and promote well-being to all who visit!

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Date Established

The story of Ottercreek Woodworks starts now


General Contractor

Building high-end decks and outdoor structures


The Boards Begin

Set up new shop and transition into making charcuterie boards


Retailers Welcome

Launch product at various retailers


One of a Kind Show

First time artisan exhibitor


Launched Tree to Table

A Build-your-own Board Experience


Won Award

Ontario’s Southwest Innovative Experience of the Year, Ontario Culinary Experience of the Year


Built Shop

Construction completed on 2,000 sq ft dream shop


Shop Online

We have launched our brand new e-commerce website


Carolinian Canada Partner

We help regenerate local fragile ecosystem for every board we sell

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